Cannasure Medical & Recreational Marijuana Insurance for Landlords

Standard Insurance companies will not provide insurance coverage to landlords who own buildings that are leased to the Medical and Recreational Marijuana industry. All to often landlords will lease space to a cultivator, dispensary or infused product manufacturer and then at renewal time their policy is cancelled.  We have seen this happen to countless customers over the last few years.

Upon discovering the cannabis facility, the insurance companies the property owner a written notification that their coverage will be terminated after 30 days to avoid risk

These situations can put a strain on property owners and cause them embarrassment. Cannasure can help you avoid this with an all-inclusive insurance plan.

We have the ability to insure your property and avoid the cancellation process.  Overall the last few years we have been successful in providing coverage for the following type of structures:

  • Industrial property
  • Warehouses
  • Strip malls
  • Office buildings
  • Parks
  • Shopping centers
  • Office condominiums
  • Greenhouses
  • Property/Farm out buildings

Medical and recreational marijuana building insurance is extremely important, especially in this day and age.  Give us a call and you will be amazed at how affordable and affordable.

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